Procurement as Service: Civil Rectification Works


Block 5 were engaged to secure civil works services for the rectification of eroded areas of an environmentally damaged regional site. Eight specified zones were highlighted for rectification to minimise future erosion. The short timeframe for this project meant that securing the right skills and obtaining value for money were critical.

Block 5 Actions

  • Design and development of a personalised sourcing strategy;
  • Assistance in specification and contract development;
  • End to end management of the procurement process;
  • Negotiation of scope, price & commercial terms;
  • Versatility to adapt to necessary changes requested by the client.

Responses received from the market returned pricing higher than expected due to variations in interpretation of the scope of works. Block 5 worked with the client to ascertain the most appropriate solution then ensured that this solution was communicated effectively to suppliers to reduce uncertainty in what was required.

Pricing anomalies across the supplier proposals were discovered by Block 5, which were used to conduct negotiations with the suppliers and reduce their tendered prices.


Negotiation was completed in one week, meeting the project critical time frames and resulting in a 15% saving on the original tendered price, bringing the cost of works in under budget.

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