Power BI Dashboards: User Friendly Analytical Dashboards


Block 5 were engaged to assist the client in obtaining clarity around specific assets and server to application or service interdependencies. The client was using complicated and outdated spreadsheets resulting in difficulty in providing any form of user friendly interfaces and analytical trends for better visibility and decision making.


Block 5 worked closely with the client to develop a more contemporary and user friendly system. Actions included:

• Co-designing and developing a Power BI Dashboard;
• Re-presented large amounts of spreadsheet data into user friendly interfaces;
• Developed analytic-type charts for better visibility and decision making;
• Centralised interface with relevant data as and when received.


As a result of Block 5’s development of the centralised Power BI Dashboard, the client was able to access the latest and most up to date information and trends, allowing for greater operational visibility. This enabled more informed decision making and optimisation of business activity.

Centralising the dashboards reduced the number of help calls increasing the productivity and efficiency of the service desk. It increased accessibility as the business can utilise the dashboard remotely through mobile devices. This resulted in the reduction of unnecessary expenditure associated with the time taken to settle issues now resolved by the Power BI Dashboard.

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