COVID-19 - Emergency Business Reporting


Amidst the COVID-19 lock-down conditions, Block 5 was engaged remotely to secure the development and provision of an emergency solvency and cashflow report. Within the client’s organisation, the average start to close cycle time of a project of this value sits at approximately 100 days. The client required the provision of audit and reporting services to be engaged within a two-week timeframe. In addition to the time constraints, the client required service provision within a firm specified budget.

Block 5 Actions

Block 5 was responsible for the end to end procurement activities to facilitate the undertaking of the report, including:

  • The remote design and development of a personalised sourcing strategy in consideration of the exceedingly tight timeframes.
  • End to end management of the procurement process. This included continual contact with tenderers as well as prioritising clarification questions and requests from the market.
  • Negotiation of scope, price & commercial terms to reach a mutually agreeable position while achieving client requirements.
  • Ensuring a fair and equitable process throughout the project.
  • Managing a time-sensitive project with discretion, respect and flexibility.

Block 5 created a flexible process to facilitate the client’s requirements within their specific organisational procedures. Mindful of the client’s budgetary requirements, Block 5 created a sourcing process that provided multiple proposals and encouraged commercial negotiation while ensuring social-distancing and lockdown requirements were met.


By designing a tailored negotiation strategy, Block 5 was able to provide a 28% saving on the tendered price, without reducing the scope of what was offered by the supplier while ensuring the project could be initiated within the timeframe.

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