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As leaders we all understand the importance of engaging our workforce. The global analytics firm Gallup has been tracking engagement results across the globe. The 2008 Gallup Biannual Australian Engagement Study found that over a fifth of all Australian employees were actively disengaged in their workforce.

The global aggregate from Gallup data collected in 2014, 2015 and 2016 across 155 countries indicates that just 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their job. Two-thirds are not engaged, and 18% are actively disengaged. [State of the Global Workplace 2017].

The specific results for Australian employers is fairly close to the global results. With engagement directly linked to business performance results including productivity and profitability, it is essential for leaders to create and sustain an engaged workforce. As a SME consulting company the people who work for Block 5 are the business. We spend time carefully selecting our team members and ensuring we work on attracting the right talent that will deliver to our customer requirements. Retaining them after the onboarding occurs relies on a number of leadership skills, but engagement is one of the foundation blocks.

Our business development activities rely on selling professional services, we are passionate about improving business results, and optimising everything. Our delivery teams also need to believe in the company, our performance results and ensuring that our customer satisfaction levels are high which in turn creates greater opportunities for all.

As we build and develop our teams and individuals, we create a culture that relies on learning and development, career development, team building and challenging work. We like to measure everything, review the results and make continuous adjustments to improve our performance.

There are a number of tools and techniques from the HR kitbag to address and measure engagement. At Block 5 we do run formal engagement surveys, but our most effective measure is the team temperature process. We have a quick 2 minute survey to check in on the team and how they are feeling. With a geographically dispersed workforce, it isn’t possible to physically see everyone in the office each day.

Socks 01Our results, we run on average around 4/5 over consecutive years. Our teams are highly engaged, their happy and productive and our clients love working with them. They bring a sense of fun, they share knowledge amongst each other, and they live the “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork”. They know that their best efforts always come when they collaborate. Our formal engagement results include;

  • 100% understand expectations of their roles and get regular feedback on their work
  • 100% feel encouraged to come up with better ways of working

The teams feel a sense of authority and empowerment. They believe in the company strategy and our future goals, and they have confidence in our leadership. They have a sense of belonging and unity. High pressure teams need an outlet for fun and creativity, and at Block 5 we sure do like to bring a sense of fun.

Socks 02For December we had a team challenge around socks. It was a load of fun and several our customers watched with amusement at our daily agile stand-up including the unveiling of the festive socks! With a number of business days in December and the increase in our sock collections we may just need to have a Christmas in July theme!

When was the last time you engaged in building your engaged team? How do you track the temperature of the team? What are the trends and when do you need to do more or less? What motivates the individuals in your team? What motivates the team?



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