The Benefits of Market Intelligence

It is part of the culture of Block 5 to want to do and be the best. To achieve this, each member strives to provide the absolute highest results possible to our clients. This includes achieving value for money and ultimately, banking savings.

Block 5 executes this with increasing regularity. By refining our processes based on our knowledge and experience, Block 5 is able to professionally navigate the procurement process and provide outstanding results for our clients. There are several key factors contained within  this process including market intelligence, research and negotiation, which enable us to deliver more value to our clients.
Industry and market intelligence are essential to achieving value for money. By increasing knowledge of recent market activity, Block 5 is able to accurately determine viable suppliers and assess the validity of their quotations and tender submissions, saving our clients from unnecessary expense.  
Market maturity and density impact directly on the competition within an industry, influencing the value for money to be achieved. Market trends and growth are accurate indicators of the solvency of the industry, reflecting the quality of suppliers and products available. Block 5 monitor these market attributes frequently to provide an up to date market position for our clients, resulting in the provision of optimum timeframes to approach the market. 
In conjunction with market research, Block 5 seeks subject matter experts (SME’s) in an attempt to gain further information and clarity surrounding an industry. SME’s who frequently play in the field are often able to provide insight on the basic activities of the target market while corroborating our existing industry knowledge. By understanding the functionality of the market, Block 5 is able to target specific areas for improvement within submissions. This helps to increase our collective knowledge and experience for use in stretching our client’s dollar further. 
By increasing subject knowledge and consequent experience, Block 5 is able to competently assess supplier proposals and identify any anomalies to target to achieve the best value for money possible. This provides a platform for Block 5 to enter into negotiations with shortlisted suppliers to provide a beneficial arrangement for the supplier while minimising cost to our client. With our experienced negotiation team, this is achieved with incredible regularity.
Block 5 endeavour to bring the best outcome to our clients. We strive to achieve the greatest value for money and minimise costs where possible. Our navigation of the procurement process and resulting benefits are only outweighed by our professionalism, relatability and desire to be the best!

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