Tips and Tricks for New Players by Nikki Stoddart

Everyone knows the daunting feeling a new career, a new position or even a transfer can bring.

To begin with, it always feels like you’re drowning, no matter how prepared you think you are. There is so much to contend with – the workload, the new people, the new environment, etc., and as soon as you think you’re getting your head above the water, the rules change!

Everyone, particularly industry newbies, can end up feeling a little lost which is why it is super important to have a reliable, concrete support network around you.

Many newbies underestimate the importance (and simplicity) of relying on their colleagues. The experience that people already in the field can bring to the table is simply the best way of interpreting and digesting the new, challenging aspects they’re facing.

I (as an industry newbie myself) was terrified of annoying my colleagues and tearing them away from their seemingly endless list of tasks. I would turn my chair around countless times, open my mouth to ask a question and almost immediately close it again until my office buddy (a fellow Block 5er) noticed this budding ritual in the reflection of the window.

He said to me (without even turning from his computer screen) ‘are you ever going to ask that question or just sit there and struggle?’ In that moment, I knew that the team around me were aware of what I was battling and simply waiting for me to realise that all I needed to do was ask for help.

He said to me “Ask a thousand questions. Ask them all over again if you have to. It is far better to spend 5 minutes helping out now than half an hour cleaning up a mess later on.”

I then reached out to other members of the Block 5 family and found that they were all reminiscent of their first industry experiences and had amassed an arsenal of tips and tricks for new players (and were more than happy to share!) This is exactly the kind of valuable support network that newbies, like I was, need to seek out, and when they find it, reach out and hold on to it with both hands!

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