Choosing the Right Company by Jamie Biggs

Many people out there will argue that staying with the same company for years may lead to the stagnation of:

• Skills
• Benefits
• Career Progression
• Salary Growth

Could it just be a perception based on the experience of someone who was employed by the wrong company?

Prior to moving abroad, I was attached to a Multinational IT Company for more than 10 years. During my tenure there, I started off in the Y2K Project dealing with UNIX Server based preventive maintenance activities. Over time, my skills developed with the generous amount of training that the company invested into its employee’s development without any strings attached.

As opportunities presented it-self, I grabbed every chance that came my way. Travelling was a big part of the job scope and it was one of my biggest passions. Not only that, the rewards for staying with the company for a certain amount of years saw an entitlement of a housing benefit program and stock rewards.

So how does the PAST stack up so far?

Multinational Company
Skills √
Benefits √
Salary √
Progression √

“Do I have to wait for 10 years to tick off every box above?”

Well, let’s get started. I joined the team as a junior employee contributing to a smaller piece of a larger puzzle. The special guidance, support and coaching over a short period of time allowed me to grow in knowledge specifically in the business planning and development area.

The company has invested a good amount of personal development training that has helped me with my first promotion in Australia. It wasn’t too long before I was entitled to the special benefits program that the company had to offer. In summary, the confidence they build in you and the strong family like bonding we have today, makes me very proud to be part of this team in Brisbane.

So how does the PRESENT stack up so far?

Brisbane Consulting Company
Skills √
Benefits √
Salary √
Progression √


It doesn’t matter …

• If you are with a larger firm or a smaller firm.
• If you stay longer with a firm or keep job hopping.

It’s all about choosing …


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