Team Connections by Nikki Stoddart

Being part of a consulting team often presents a challenge for staying connected with colleagues.

 Life tends to get in the way, and it is easy to forget to reach out and maintain the connections. Although this is often an issue, it seldom should be! Consulting teams are like families. No matter how far they are spread, when you get them all in the same place, it’s a riot!

The nature of consulting means the variety of expertise within a team is usually huge, and quite often consisting of unexpected topics – both professional and personal! An intricate web of familiar faces who are always keen for a coffee and catch up. The assistance and support these connections can provide make all the difference in a range of situations.

The importance of maintaining these relationships though is significant. Although the task seems huge, requiring more hours than are available, there are a few simple things Block 5 does to stay connected, share a laugh and make sure that everyone knows exactly what we are – a team.

We undertake team reviews of anything, and everything produced by our team members. Often there will be an email drop into our inboxes saying ‘Hey, can you please read this?’ or the frequent Happy Birthday email chains.

Block 5ers meet up monthly in a range of different environments for our coveted team catch-ups. We’ve been mini-golfing, paintballing, mountain climbing and axe throwing - just to name a few! Any chance for a challenge and a chinwag gets Block 5ers flocking! On top of these monthly catch ups, we facilitate ‘Friday Steak Lunch’ where any team member who is in the vicinity congregate for a pre-weekend feed (any excuse’ll do!). Connections between consultants really isn’t hard to maintain when you’ve got the right people!

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