Within the Procurement space a good scope is considered to be the Holy Grail. If you can nail that first instructional component, the pieces fit together and magic happens.

The terms “purchasing” and “procurement” are often used interchangeably and understood to be the same thing throughout businesses. This confusion may come from the definition of the two:

The 7th and 8th of March 2020 were two important days locked down in two of our team’s diaries for this year’s International Women’s Day Celebrations.

How many of us actually ask our suppliers if we can help them?  One of the areas Block 5 prides ourselves on is our client and customer relationship building.

Open vs select tender vs single source. Once off contract or supply arrangement? These are the options that are often analysed to determine the preferred procurement strategy before going to tender. However, there are many more options to consider to really drive value in the procurement process.

Since beginning my journey with Block 5, I have experienced many situations and involvements that have only helped build my career. Working for a highly regarded management consulting company, I have learnt that it is not only what you produce that matters, it’s who you produce it with.

Being part of a consulting team often presents a challenge for staying connected with colleagues.

Many people out there will argue that staying with the same company for years may lead to the stagnation of:

Everyone knows the daunting feeling a new career, a new position or even a transfer can bring.

It is part of the culture of Block 5 to want to do and be the best. To achieve this, each member strives to provide the absolute highest results possible to our clients. This includes achieving value for money and ultimately, banking savings.

As leaders we all understand the importance of engaging our workforce. The global analytics firm Gallup has been tracking engagement results across the globe. The 2008 Gallup Biannual Australian Engagement Study found that over a fifth of all Australian employees were actively disengaged in their workforce.

The importance of setting goals in life is far from a new or innovative concept. Aristotle got the ball rolling with his speculations on causality and the pivotal notion that the “final cause” of any action is the end towards which it directs… In other words, purpose is necessary to cause action.

Recently I had the opportunity to witness a situation that occurs often in our current fast pace society. A client receives a call from a service provider making them aware that they have completely missed their scheduled appointment.

The Block 5 Team was recently engaged to investigate a client’s leased motor vehicle fleet, with a primary focus on leasing utilisation.

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